English Language Model-Test-1

1.  Identify the right parts of speech for the capital word. Short the idea that is seen probably a long one.

2.  He did not show much the MANLY behaviour with the lady, last night.

3.  ANYBODY, who is expert about this experiment, can show it eagerly.

4.  I saw her LAUGHING at the door step.

5.  Abode of God means--

6.  Backstairs influence means--

7.  Pas himself off means--

8.  Show me the place, u(where you live in)u. The underlined part is---

9.  That is one of the things ------ me a democrat.

10.  Find the correct sentence:

11.  Identify the wrong sentence:

12.  Rana is wiser than Maeen. (Make it positive)

13.  Have you written the letter? (Make it passive)

14.  What would be the right synonym of 'Dearness'?

15.  The antonym of 'Circumspect'---

16.  Find out the Misspellt--

17.  The synonym of the word 'Gaudy'--

18.  What is the antonym of 'Anachronism' ?

19.  In sending the email to others, what is must necessary?

20.  A story is incomplete without---